AURORA FILTERS are available in four different material choices.  These materials choices represent the material choice of the wetted surfaces within the filter.  The external non-wetted surfaces and heating/cooling jacket components are fabricated of 304 series stainless steel.  All gaskets are supplied as Teflon, Teflon encapsulated, or Gylon materials.  The Quality Assurance History Docket will contain Material Test Reports for all wetted surface components.

The responsibility of the determination of the compatibility of the wetted surface material with your process rests solely on you the customer.  AURORA FILTERS  cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by an error made in the selection of the material.  Samples of all of the materials listed can be supplied to the customer in order to conduct testing on the material prior to making final selection.

AURORA FILTERS has technical information on the HALAR and ETFE lining material.  Please contact our sales representatives for copies of this information.

Option S – 316L Series Stainless Steel

Option H – 316L Series Stainless Steel with HALAR® lining

Option E – 316L Series Stainless Steel with ETFE 1020® lining

Option C – Hastelloy C22