All new AURORA FILTERSare supplied with an Operators Manual which contains a Recommended Spare Parts list complete with pricing which we will honour for 12 months from the shipment of the filter.  Each Model and Size AURORA FILTERS has specific size spare parts however some parts are common amongst different models and sizes.

[list the spare part kits that are on the old website]

[Additional spare parts kits include]

Glove Port System Filter Cartridge – P-Series Filters Only

Includes: (1) Filter Cartridge

Recommendation:  Replacement between different product batches

Glove Integrity Test Kit – P-Series Filters Only

Includes: (1) AURORA FILTERS Glove Integrity Test Kit.  Inlet and outlet nozzles to attached to the Glove Port Equalization Control Valve on the filter

Recommendation: Periodic integrity testing of gloves or checking seal of gloves after replacement


Hydraulic Oil – 26” to 48” Filters Only

Includes: (1) 9.5L drum of Food Grade Hydraulic Oil

Recommendation: Leakage or maintenance requirements