New Development 3

The P-Series Filters are formally introduced with the fabrication of the first Model P36 Filter. The design of filters to 14.7psi has been expanded from the A14 and A20 sizes to include the P26, P36 and P48 units. Now all AURORA FILTERS can be supplied in A-Series or P-Series format. Read More..

New Development 2

The prototype and testing of the AF-N2-25 Nitrogen Gas Pre-Heater is finished and the final product is highlighted at the Informex 2007 Trade Show in San Francisco. Read More..

New Development 1

AURORA FILTERS teams up with Fisher Company and introduces the option of supplying AURORA FILTERS with ETFE 1020 lining, a high-build fluoropolymer coating that is FDA compliant meeting USP Class VI standards. This new product has been assigned the identification code "E" - eg - AURORA FILTERS Model A36-E. Read More..


New Development 6

AURORA FILTERS designs the Filter Height Adjustment option for the A14, A14X and A20 models in conjunction with either the Integral Handling Device AF-LD-001 or the newly developed Integral Handling Device AF-LD-002 and AF-LD-003. This height adjustment option allows the operator to adjust the overall height of the filter to suit the physical size of users - ideal for multi-user or multi-shift situations. Read More..

New Development 5

AURORA FILTERS launches their new and improved website. Read More..

New Development 4

AURORA FILTERS develops the AF-PGP-001 Glove Port Pressure Equalization System in order that the gloves can remain in place under pressure operating conditions. Read More..


New Development 10

AURORA FILTERS develops new Integral Handling Device AF-LD-001 option for A14, A14X, and A20 models. This device eliminates the requirement for auxiliary equipment for handling the separate filter sections. Read More..

New Development 9

AURORA FILTERS builds first filter, an A20 model, with Upper Chamber designed for 14.7psi(1 bar) to Full Vacuum conditions with Integral Pressure Equalization Glove Port Caps. This project completed for major chemical developer's R&D facility in Sweden. Read More..

New Development 8

AURORA FILTERS designs the AF-N2-25 Nitrogen Gas Pre-Heater. This product complements the operation of any AURORA FILTERS model. Read More..

New Development 7

AURORA FILTERS markets all filters with first set of Hypalon Dry-Box Gloves as part of standard scope of supply of all filters. This completes the complete Operators Tool kits supplied with each filter. The kits contain all tools required to do minimal assembly and complete operation of the filter. Read More..

New Development 6

AURORA FILTERS designs two new Integral Handling Device designs the AF-LD-002 and AF-LD-003. The AF-LD-001 has been upgraded and improved. Read More..


New development 15

All-Weld Company purchases assets of AURORA Chemicals from Avecia / Torcan and creates AURORA FILTERS, Division of All-Weld Co. Ltd. to supply and market AURORA FILTERS. Read More..

New development 14

The new AURORA FILTERS redesigns the complete Hydraulic System for the A26, A36, and A48 models. Read More..

New Development 13

AURORA FILTERS adds electropolishing of each filter as part of standard scope of supply for each project. Filters are polished to internally 0.5 Ra (240 Grit), externally 0.8 Ra (180 Grit) prior to electropolishing. Read More..

New Development 12

All-Weld / AURORA FILTERS enters into a distributor agreement with Sepratech International for European representation of AURORA FILTERS. Paul Devine Sepratech International Filtration & Drying Technology Tel No: ++ 44 (0) 1606 852143 Mob No: ++ 44 (0) 7803 195837 Read More..

New Development 11

All-Weld / AURORA FILTERS enters into a distributor agreement with Sentinel Process Systems for North Eastern United States representation of AURORA FILTERS. Paul Tramo Jerry Mejzak Sentinel Process Systems Inc. Tel No: (215) 675-5700 Fax No: (215) 675-9540 Read More..


New Development 16

Avecia / Torcan offer Aurora Chemicals Ltd division for sale - All-Weld begins negotiations to purchase the company. Read More..


New Development 18

Aurora Chemical and All-Weld join efforts in the designing and fabricating of the Model P26 Pressure Filter prototype. Read More..

New Development 17

Aurora Chemical and All-Weld join efforts to redesign the sealing flange design for the A26, A36 and A48 models. Read More..

1997 - 2003

New Development 19

All-Weld continues to build over forty-five AURORA FILTERS for Aurora Chemical. Read More..


New Development 20

All-Weld is contracted to build a variety of AURORA FILTERS for Aurora Chemical Ltd. Read More..


New Development 21

Torcan Chemical develops the AURORA® Filter design and contracts the creation of the first AURORA Filter - Model A48-H. Torcan creates the corporate identity, Aurora Chemical Ltd, to market AURORA FILTERS. Read More..