After the acquisition of AURORA FILTERS by All-Weld Company Limited in 2004 many different aspects of the design where upgraded based on the insightful feedback that we were receiving from customers.  Customers who were using the original A-Series models were asking for that ability to do more with the AURORA FILTERS.  The most significant upgrade was the development of the AURORA FILTERS P-Series models.

The P – Pressure Rated series of Filters was created to allow the operator to subject the entire filter (upper and lower chambers) to both pressure and full vacuum conditions without the requirement of removing the gloves from the glove port.  The typical P-Series models are design for +/- 1 bar.  Customers are now subjecting the lower chamber to a vacuum condition while simultaneously adding pressure to the upper chamber to help push the filtrate out of the cake through the filter membrane.  They are also utilizing full vacuum conditions to accelerate the drying time within the filter.

The basic P-Series models are the same as the A-Series filters with the exception of the availability of pressure conditions noted above.  The P-Series filters are available in the same sizes, materials, nozzle configurations, and other options as the A-Series filters.

Please take a moment to review our Common Features and Benefits section for further description of the AURORA FILTERS.

Model Diameter Filter Area Cake Capacity (litres) Slurry Capacity
in mm ft2 m2 min*L max**L max*** L
 P14 13.75 350 1.0 0.10 2 10 20
 P14X 13.75 350 1.0 0.10 2 15 30
 P20 19.75 500 2.1 2.00 4 30 60
 P26 26 650 3.7 0.34 6 52 104
 P36 36 914 7.1 0.66 12 100 200
 P36X 36 914 7.1 0.66 12 167 267
 P48 48 1210 12.3 1.14 21 174 348


* Based on minimum cake development thickness of ¾” (18mm)

** Based on cake thickness equal to the height of the heating/cooling jacket which is 4” for P14 and 6” for all other sizes.  P36X has 8” jacket height.

*** Based on volume below the outlet of the product chute.  Greater reactor volumes can be handled by staging the charging cycle of the filtration process as the filtrate is extracted.