The A36X size filter was originally created for the special needs of one of our customers.  The customer already had a number of 36” size Aurora Filters and their facility was designed with this size unit in mind.  They had a regular contract for a larger volume of product but they could not convenient fit the 48” size filter into their facility which had been design for the 36” size filter.  Aurora Filters is ready to work with all of our customers in solving their specialty chemical filtration needs.

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Viewing Window (2) D-Shaped 24" x 10.5"
Glove Ports (4) 8"
Default Product Chute (2) AF-PC-026 6"
Lower Sightglass (1) DN80
Jacket Zone 10"
Chamber Separation System Hydraulic Cylinder System
Footprint L x W x H **** 46.5" x 55" x 60"
Approx Weight **** 1680 lbs