The P14 is the smallest AURORA FILTERS with the capability of adding pressure or vacuum conditions to the filter without having to remove the gloves.  This is specifically designed for R&D Kilolab facilities.  Similar to the A-Series A14 the P14 can also be used for one litre batch sizes by using the One Kilo Batch Adapter Plate to reduce the filtration area of the filter.

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Viewing Window (1) 8.75" Dia
Glove Ports (1) 6"
Default Product Chute (1) AF-PC-046 6"
Lower Sightglass (1) DN50
Jacket Zone 4"
Chamber Separation System Manual ACME Thread
Footprint L x W x H **** 32" x 33" x 45"
Approx Weight **** 420 lbs