The P26 Filter is the most popular pilot plant size filter in the AURORA FILTERS product line.  The most recent upgrades to this design include an ergonomically designed sloped top viewing window, convenient hinged glove port caps for the Glove Port Pressure Equalization System, and a new filter retaining ring design which utilizes a standard Teflon encapsulated oring instead of a rigid metal ring that is unforgiving to different thicknesses of filter media.

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Viewing Window (1) Oval 19" x 15"
Glove Ports (2) 8"
Default Product Chute (1) AF-PC-026 6"
Lower Sightglass (1) DN80
Jacket Zone 6"
Chamber Separation System Hydraulic Cylinder System
Footprint L x W x H **** 42.5" x 52" x 57.5"
Approx Weight **** 1050 lbs