The P36 design incorporates a dished head on the upper chamber and two oval viewing windows for the operators.  This design continues to take into consideration the ergonomics of the operators as well as maintaining a size that can be easily introduced into your pilot plant facility.  AURORA FILTERS utilizes 3-D modelling design software into all of our AURORA FILTERS projects.  We are capable of modelling the filter and any additional equipment that is planned to be added to the filter in the field.  The 3-D model allows us to confirm clearances and success before the filter is fabricated.

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Viewing Window (2) Oval 14" x 10"
Glove Ports (4) 8"
Default Product Chute (2) AF-PC-026 6"
Lower Sightglass (1) DN80
Jacket Zone 6"
Chamber Separation System Hydraulic Cylinder System
Footprint L x W x H **** 55" x 55" x 60"
Approx Weight **** 1760 lbs