The P48 Aurora Filter is the top of the line Aurora Filter product.  A two operator piece of equipment with the capability to have two different product chute configurations, pressure and vacuum conditions throughout the vessel without having to remove the gloves, maximum product capacity, and very easy to operate and clean.  The same attention to detail and quality goes into every Aurora Filter product no matter if it is an A14 or P48 model.  We are proud of our products and stand behind each and every one of them.

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Viewing Window (2) Oval 14" x 10"
Glove Ports (4) 8"
Default Product Chute (2) AF-PC-026 6"
Lower Sightglass (1) DN80
Jacket Zone 6"
Chamber Separation System Hydraulic Cylinder System
Footprint L x W x H **** 61.5" x 61.5" x 63"
Approx Weight **** 2150 lbs